Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Text Lines 62 to 66

mAsu aTRa jOthi malarndha malarch chudarE
dEsanE! thEn aar amudhE! sivapuranE
paasamaam paTRu aRutthu paarikkum aariyanE
nEsa aruL purindhu, nenjil vanjam keda
pEraadhu nindRa perum karuNaip pEr aaRE.

மாசு அற்ற சோதி மலர்ந்த மலர்ச் சுடரே!
தேசனே! தேன் ஆர் அமுதே! சிவபுரனே!
பாசம் ஆம் பற்று அறுத்து, பாரிக்கும் ஆரியனே!
நேச அருள் புரிந்து, நெஞ்சில் வஞ்சம் கெட,
பேராது நின்ற பெரும் கருணைப் பேர் ஆறே!

The lord is the unblemished or untarnished jothi (fire). Entire fire cannot be perceived by us. We can see just a spark. So, Manickavasagar, describes the lord as the flower grown out of (malarndha malar chudar) the big pure tree (fire). Normally fire will burn out things. But this Lord, who is fire, is always giving comfort to the devotees. So to describe the fire as cool as a flower, he says malarch chudar.

He is the omniscient (dEsan). He is sweet as honey (thEn). He is the rare nectar (aar amudhE). He resides in sivapuram.

The lord, cuts the bondage due to paasam or affection. There by He protects (paarikkum) us as a guru (aariyan) protects his disciple.

The lord blesses us by showering His Love and removes the ill in our heart and mind. He is a massive river (pEr aaRu) of compassion and grace (karuNai).

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